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Submitted by Rebecca L. Fiedler

My research interests include online teaching and learning, technology fluency, and portfolio assessment. I also collaborate with Cem Kaner, a professor of Software Engineering. Recent grant activity includes:

Cem Kaner & Rebecca Fiedler, "Adaptation & Implementation of an Activity-Based Online or Hybrid Course in Software Testing." Proposal to the National Science Foundation. Submitted January 10, 2007.

Cem Kaner, "Ethics and values in science, engineering and technology." Proposal to the National Science Foundation. Approved for funding in July 2006. Serving as Senior Personnel as member of the Evaluation Team

I maintain a complete list of publications (with links to many of them) on the Research page.

Internet Explorer does not consistently support some of the technology used in this portfolio. Currently, one of the best web browsers available is Mozilla's FireFox, an open source browser available for free. You will also need Adobe Reader 6.0 and Microsoft's PowerPoint to view artifacts in this portfolio.

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